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It’s time for a Takeaway folks..

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It’s another Monday Takeaway everyone….

It comes post trip to the beautiful and extremely rugged North West coast. So much is made of fantastic tracks, like Lahinch, Waterville and our own Ballybunion, that many other areas are woefully neglected by the masses. I don’t just mean by foreign visitors. There is such a scope for an extended getaway like mine, that I can’t recommend it enough. Courses like Enniscrone, Strandhill and Rosses Point do not disappoint. While it can be nice to escape the harsh Irish winters by going to the Algarve or its like, would you not be better served exploring your own back yard and all that we have to offer here? It was my first time in Sligo for example, and it’s safe to say it’s up there as one of our best golf counties. I am highlighting this part of Ireland as I feel it’s under used, but it applies to the rest of the country too.

There are very few parts of the country that are too remote to be accessed anymore, and with many amenities around, you can make it into a great boys trip. For those not blessed with an Irish passport, many wish to make a pilgrimage to the hot spots of Irish golf, which is fair enough. If it’s a once in a lifetime trip, it’s understandable.

Resources can be limited and it’s hard to begrudge those that may not be the most ardent of golfers. I would recommend this discovery trip of links golf for those who wish to veer more off the beaten track, to play the hidden gems. Many of Ireland’s best started as thus. Take Ballybunion, for example. Were it not for Tom Watsons discovery of the place, it may have remained so. Take a chance on North West golf and you won’t regret it!

In other news, Rickie Fowler squeaked his way to another PGA victory down in Florida. He started his round four ahead and finished so, but it was a round riddled with errors. In many ways he was lucky that others, like Tyrell Hatton and Gary Woodland, followed suit and never mounted any contention. In the end, the job was done and the result moves him back into the world’s top ten. Not everyone was complimentary though. Fabled begrudger Johnny Miller seemed irked by the fact that Fowler didn’t take the competition by the scruff of the neck and shoot a 63.

He shot a 63 at Oakmont don’t you know. You didn’t know? It’s not like it’s brought up that on any occasion. I am a fan of colour commentary that is honest. That isn’t afraid to call it as it is, and when necessary, to stick the boot in. But when it becomes banal, outdated and clichéd I take umbrage. Is shooting 76 in a Major and winning not the way to win as a champion? That’s what is forgotten by time. Miller shot that in the third round, but had you swapped the third and fourth round scorings, would he have been as vocal of his critics?

A champion’s victory is just that…being victorious. More so than other sports, you have to compete against too many in a golfing field to worry about the prettiness of your game.

I’m sure Rickie is not going to lose any sleep, but if guys like that feel the need to call out others on inadequacies, it’s only fair that they get subjected to the same high standards. It’s not like this is a venue for alternative facts or anything..