Bán ThermaBeanie

Bán (bawn) is the colour of undriven snow, of an arctic wonderland, of the tranquility only a winters eve can bring. The ThermaBeanie is the perfect item to shelter you from what winter can bring. The cuffing ensures that heat is kept in, and that no huffing and puffing from the elements will dislodge it from you. The cotton knitting is strong, durable and robust to avoid whatever conditions you find yourself in. The knitting itself is the result of advanced textile technology, that keeps you warm without overheating or sweating, even over that four-foot slider

The satin stitching of the logo is sure to draw attention, so you can proudly boast of being the newest addition to The Caddy Guy family. It symbolises accuracy, though we haven't scientifically proven that it boosts accuracy.. not yet anyway.

• Stay dry under our waterproof membrane
• Added comfort with our microfleece lining
• Environmentally conscious cotton is used

For personalisation, we usually charge €5 on top of price, for anything more we let you know the story.