Bán Polo

Bán means white in Irish, and for you it means style, it means poise and it means cool. This polo shirt not only looks good, but also features some of the latest technology in sports apparel to really give it the performance an athlete deserves. Using Micro Light technology, it feels like a second skin. Motion Fit support means that no swing feels restricted and its 3D Tissue Structure prevents sticking. It is designed to be hypoallergenic, with rapid evaporation transporting moisture up from inside to out.

Worn on its own, it makes sure of protection from the sun with an SPF of 20-25, reflecting UV rays and is water resistant, in case you get caught out in those summer showers. Heat balancing ensures that you’ll never get too warm when in competition mode, and even when worn as a base layer in the latter stages of the year, it will prevent the cold from getting at you.